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Free Graffiti Stickers & Graffiti Twitter Contest! »


So you want some free graffiti stickers from Pure Graffiti? Follow these instructions to get your free stickers… What you will need: 2 envelopes, 2 stamps. 1. mail us an envelope, with a stamp on it, that has your TO: address and our FROM: address…

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Iz The Wiz – Graffiti T-Shirts (limited edition) »


Check out the 2013 limited edition collection of Iz The Wiz, graffiti legend T-Shirts now available to buy @ PureG.net  Pre-order yours today, they will be in stock August, 2013 for a limited time until they are sold out!  …

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2013 new collection of Sprayground backpacks »

2013 sprayground backpac

Get them while their hot, the new collection and some restock of the favorite Sprayground backpacks and duffle bags! Order yours @ www.PureG.net or PureGraffiti.com/Shop and get free graffiti stickers with your order.    …

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Featured Artists Werst1

Featured Writer: Werst

Pictures from graffiti writer Werst, featured on the Pure Graffiti Gallery. Check out his Album for more graffiti pictures. Want to get featured on here? Join FREE and upload your pictures straight to the gallery and…

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Graffiti Events Just writting my name 2013 graffiti event

Just Writing My Name 2013

Just writting my name 2013 graffiti event…

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Graffiti Interviews Capture

Revok x Frank151 Interview

Revok x Frank151 Interview REVOK FRANK151 video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player…

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Old School Graffiti canvasTPA

The Public Animals by Beelo TPA

Check out the canvas donated to The Public Animals by Beelo TPA. The TPA Rollcall. taken from source http://sl-9.blogspot.com/2010/04/tpa-roll-call-public-animals.html click here to view the entire canvas…

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Underground Hip Hop bass-culture-hophop-puregraffiti

BASS CULTURE – Real Hip Hop Beats

LA Bass Culture is a premier showcase featuring an all-star lineup of artists who’ve impacted the music scenes locally on the West Coast and globally through their contributions to music. Several acts on the bill have…

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Graffiti Blog dej-iran-poster

Graffit in in Iran, Tehran: Sept 6 – 18, 2013: DEJ Crew – Blue Dimensions

Iran, Tehran: Sept 6 – 18, 2013: DEJ Crew – Blue Dimensions  …

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Graffiti News

Graffiti Wall on 53rd Street Torn Down to Make Way for New Development – DNAinfo

Graffiti Wall on 53rd Street Torn Down to Make Way for New DevelopmentDNAinfo“Nothing has really come up, it’s back to the old tried-and-true spots,” Freitag said, adding many graffiti artists choice to go back to painting…

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Graffiti Hall of Fame

Graffiti Hall of Fame [Sketches Saved from Battles @ Pure Graffiti Forum]- http://battles.puregraffiti.com/   Graffiti Battle Board [ Digital Graffiti Gallery ]- http://www.puregraffiti.com/cgi-bin/gallery.pl   ENTER THE PG BATTLE BOARD & CHAT PUBLIC ROOM   SOLO BATTLE…

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