sweet tooth cyclops sickboy

Sweet Toof x Cyclops x Sickboy x London Graffiti

Sickboy, sweet toof and cyclops street art artists adding their creativity to the blank walls of bristol and east london

Sickboys site: http://www.thesickboy.com

sweet tooth cyclops sickboy

Cyclops after years of painting his unique raw style on the streets of Bristol and more recently London ,where he has made a huge impact, just fetched impressive sales figures at The Bonhams Urban Art auction alongside the peoples graffiti hero Banksy and the legendary Keith Haring.  For his wants to recover what’s under the surface, that insistent undercurrent that you find in the films of David Lynch or Douglas Sirk or the contemporary tale of Britney Spears and her slow but certain rise to iconoclasm. The rupture and the rapture of the U.S.A. dripping into our uncertain, nostalgic, schizophrenic hearts… tumbling from transcendental skulls again. For it is always so easy to forget that most meaning is perpetually blinking at us, and it is our own energy that creates meaning…



tek33 x cyclops x sweet tooth
tek33 x cyclops x sweet toof

sweet tooth

Sweet Toof recently featured in the ‘Independent on Sunday’, Urban Art article. This came as no surprise as within a short period of twelve months out of no where his brand new teeth painted gleaming with juicy bright pink gums loomed high and low all over North East London. His paintings and sculptures for ‘Burning Candy’ go for the literal and metaphorical deitrus that surrounds us, reconstructing the ‘beautiful’ monstrosities that we find on the street and in the noise all around us, in the order/disorder of life, and the apparent, becoming non-apparent: the balaclavas in our soul, reclaiming what is rightfully ours. The Vanitas. Indeed, those skulls and their teeth, teeth that grin and grimace mockingly in that old and knowing Mexico style. To get ones teeth into things before it’s too late…

sickboy 3d

Sickboy 3D resin-cast temples. Released September 24, 2009. Available here.

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